a portal that is the time we have shared

Next Choreography Festival 2020

"This film concludes a thoughtful process stemming from the desire to investigate ways of working together to build a space to move and connect within. The idea of building alternative spaces feels particularly compelling and transformative in a moment when many of our notions of community, distance and proximity, ways of being and moving have shifted so much.

 This process led to conversation, mark making and movement as a means of articulating the qualities of a collective imagined space. Collaborating with members of the Next Choreography cohort, we drew upon text, sound and other prompts from which our choreography arose. This film aims to illustrate some of our process, the sites built from the collaborative workshop, a portal to the space and time we shared."

This work was part of Next Choreography Festival 2020 and made in collaboration with Saffron Mustafa.