'Loose Assemblages' by Florence Aurora Woolley 

Part of Next Choreography Festival 2020

"This film was developed out of a series of movement, writing, discussion, sculpting and sound workshops, that sought to challenge our familiarity with time and space. It is a project about speculation. If it is messy, vague or unclear - that’s great - the gaps are the perfect place to go looking."


Junodream 'Strange Effect'  

Choreography by Renée Bellamy, Directed by Ned Botwood

featured on Promo News


Cake & Candles, Pilot

 Production design by Renée Bellamy, directed by Nicky Chue, produced by Julia Almeida Coelho, cinematography by Carmen Pellon 

Cake & Candles web series sizzler created for the crowdfunding campaign, featuring Renée

Experimental Practice

life modelling with Veronica Jones