Day Tripper

My mate Jess Gell put on an exhibition at the Peckham Pelican a few weeks back titled ‘Til Debt Do Us Part’, “featuring work of the Student Loan Generation, showcasing their experiences through their artwork.”

At this exhibition, I had the privilege of showing a collection of photos taken in Erith, titled ‘Day Tripper’.

I grew up in and around Erith, and it’s a place I’m fond of. Though, I am humoured by the idea of taking a day trip to a place like Erith as it’s quite an industrial area. Funnily enough, Erith was actually a holiday resort of sorts for a short while circa 1849. 

Anyway, if you’ve little money but want a place to sit and watch the world go by, do what I do and get yourself on the 229 to Erith and sit on the pier. You can even pretend you’re at the seaside if you squint and forget about all the shopping trolleys slowly being consumed by all that brown river sludge.  

If you like, you can buy a few of these images as postcards from my shop.  More about the exhibition here and here